15.1 Insurance

The Board shall have authority in the exercise of its discretion to obtain and maintain at all times as a common expense a policy or policies and bonds of liability insurance and property insurance covering the ownership, use and operation of all of the Common Area (and Common Area improvements), if any, including common personal property and supplies belonging to the Association; fidelity coverage for Association Board members (including Declarant), officers, employees or agents, and such other insurance as the Board may deem advisable or as may be required by the Federal National Mortgage Association, Federal Home Loan Mortgage Association, Veterans Administration or similar agencies or lending institutions In the event of damage to or destruction of any part of the Common Area improvements, the Association shall repair or replace the same from the insurance proceeds available If such insurance proceeds are insufficient to cover the costs of repair or replacement of the property damaged or destroyed, the Association may make a reconstruction assessment against all Lot Owners to cover the additional cost of repair or replacement not covered by the insurance proceeds, in addition to any other common assessments made against such Lot Owners.