2.1 Ownership of Common Area

The Common Areas, if any, within any subsequent phase(s) will be deemed to be conveyed to the Association upon the recording of an amendment to this Declaration incorporating such phase within the Project and will be depicted on the Plat Map recorded in conjunction with such phase The Common Area shall exclude those portions of common areas (and improvements thereto) which have been or may hereafter be, dedicated to and owned by the public or a governmental entity The Common Area shall for all purposes be under the control, management and administration of the Declarant until all Class B membership (as defined in Article 4) terminates, and under the control, management and administration of the Association thereafter The Association (and the Owners who are members thereof) have the responsibility and obligation to maintain, repair and administer the Common Area in a clean, attractive, sanitary and safe condition and in full compliance with applicable, governmental laws, rules and regulations and the provisions of this Declaration.