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7.1 Maintenance of Lots

Each Owner, at said Owner's sole cost and expense, shall promptly and continuously maintain, repair and restore said Owner's Lot (including the yard and landscaping) and Home and other improvements located thereon, and also such other areas as may be required pursuant to Sections 5.4.6 and 5.4.7, in a good, clean, attractive, safe and sanitary condition and in full compliance with all applicable governmental laws, rules and regulations and the provisions of this Declaration and the rules and regulations of the Association.

7.2 Residential Use

Except as provided in Section 7.6, all Lots and improvements located thereon shall be used, improved and devoted exclusively to residential use Nothing herein shall be deemed to prevent the Owner from leasing a Lot and improvements subject to all of the provisions of the Declaration.

7.3 Restriction on Further Subdivision

No Lot or portion of a Lot shall be divided and sold or resold, nor ownership changed or transferred whereby the ownership of any portion of this Project shall be less than the area required for the use district in which located, provided, the foregoing shall not prohibit deeds of correction, deeds to resolve boundary disputes and similar corrective instruments Lots may be joined and joined Lots may subsequently be subdivided only into the Lots originally joined.

7.4 Rental Lots

7.4.1 With respect to the leasing, renting, or creating of any kind of tenancy of a Lot and improvements thereon by its Owners, such Owner shall be prohibited from leasing or renting less than the entire Lot or improvements thereon, or (with the exception of a lender in possession of a Lot and improvements thereon following a default in a first mortgage, a foreclosure proceeding or any deed of trust sale or other arrangement in lieu of a foreclosure) for a term of less than six (6) months, and all leasing or rental agreements shall be in writing, and shall be subject to the Declaration and Bylaws (with a default of the tenant in complying with the Declaration and Bylaws constituting a default under the lease or rental agreement).

7.4.2 If a Lot or Home is rented by its Owner, the Board on behalf of the Association may collect, and the tenant or lessee shall pay over to the Board, so much of the rent for such Lot or Home as is required to pay any amounts due the Association hereunder, plus interest and costs, if the same are in default over thirty (30) days The renter or lessee shall not have the right to challenge payment over to the Board, and such payment will discharge the lessee's or renter's duty of payment to the Owner for rent, to the extent such rent is paid to the Association, but will not discharge the liability of the Owner or the Lot under this Declaration for assessments and charges, or operate as an approval of the lease The Board shall not exercise this power where a receiver has been appointed with respect to the Lot or its Owner, nor in derogation of any rights which a mortgagee of such Lot may have with respect to such rents Other than as stated in this Article 7 there are no restrictions on the right of any Owner to lease or otherwise rent such Owner's Lot or Home.

7.5 Zoning Regulations

Zoning regulations, building regulations, environmental regulations and other similar governmental regulations applicable to the Project shall be observed. In the event of any conflict between any provision of such governmental regulations and the restrictions of this Declaration, the more restrictive provision shall apply.

7.6 Business Use

No business of any kind shall be conducted on any Lot with the exception of (a) the business of Declarant in developing and selling all of the Lots, and (b) such home occupation as may be permitted by the appropriate local government and which is not otherwise in violation of the provisions of this Declaration.

7.7 Building Setback Requirements

All buildings and other Lot improvements shall comply with all applicable governmental requirements, including without limitation minimum setback requirements No building or other structure shall be located within any building setback line shown on the Plat Map.

7.8 Oil and Mining Operations

No oil drilling, oil development operations, oil refining, quarrying or mining operations of any kind shall be permitted upon or in any Lot, nor shall oil wells, tanks, tunnels, mineral excavations or shafts be permitted upon or in any Lot No derrick or other structure designed for use in boring for oil or natural gas shall be erected, maintained or permitted upon any Lot.

7.9 Catch Basin

The Owner of each Lot shall ensure the cleaning of all catch basins, if any, located on such Lot at least once prior to September 15 of each calendar year.

7.10 Lot Size

No residential structure shall be erected or placed on any Lot which has a Lot area of less than that required by the government entity having appropriate jurisdiction over the Project.

7.11 Garages

Every Home must have a garage capable of holding at least two full-size cars, but no more than three full-size vehicles (any car, boat, recreational vehicle, etc shall be deemed one car for purposes of this limitation) All vehicles must be stored in garages or in a manner which the Board reasonably determines is not offensive when viewed from the street or from the ground level of adjacent Lots or Common Areas

7.12 Square Footage

Each single family residence must include a minimum of 1,400 square feet for single story Homes and 1,600 square feet for two-story Homes, excluding garage, porches and decks.

7.13 Mobile or Manufactured Housing

Custom designs by licensed architects shall be strongly encouraged and any use of repetitive design shall be strongly discouraged and/or prohibited at the discretion of the ACC The ACC may refuse to approve a plan based on design or repetitive use of apian, or for failure to meet the approved catena as set forth There shall be no mobile or manufactured housing.

7.14 Driveway Standards

All driveways shall be constructed of concrete with a minimum of aggregate finish or other material approved by ACC.

7.15 Parking

Unless substantially screened from view from the street or from the ground level of adjacent Lots and Common Area in a manner reasonably approved by the ACC, no recreational vehicles, commercial vehicles, construction or like equipment, motorcycles, or trailers (utility, boat, camping, horse, or otherwise), shall be allowed to be parked or stored on any Lot or street for a cumulative period in excess of fourteen (14) days in any one (1) calendar year. No motor vehicles of any kind shall be parked overnight on any street adjoining any Lot or Common Area, provided that, such vehicles belonging to guests of a Lot Owner may occasionally be so parked so long as such parking will not violate any other provision of this Section 7.15.  No motor vehicle of any kind that is inoperative by reason of mechanical failure shall be parked or stored on any Lot or in any right-of-way or street adjoining any Lot or Common Area for more than seventy-two (72) hours. The Board shall have full authority to determine, in its sole discretion, if any vehicle is obnoxious or undesirable to other Lot Owners and to enforce this covenant. Pursuant to Article 9 of this Declaration, the Association may levy fines or have vehicles that are parked in violation of this section towed and impounded at the owner's expense.

7.16 Roof

The exterior of all roofs shall be composed of materials approved by ACC All roofs must have a pitch of at least 4/12 (four on twelve), unless approved by the ACC based on considerations regarding a specific Lot Under no circumstances are flat roofs allowed Roof material shall be at least twenty-five (25) year architectural composition asphalt shingle, charcoal color or other color approved by the ACC, and by a manufacturer approved and accepted by ACC.

7.17 Exterior Finish

The exterior of each Home shall be designed, built and maintained in such a manner as to blend in with the natural surroundings, existing structures and landscaping of the Project. All exterior materials and all exterior colors must be approved by the ACC in accordance with the provisions of this Declaration. Exterior trim, fences, doors, railing, decks, eaves, gutters and the exterior finish of garages and other accessory buildings (including garden sheds) shall be designed, built and maintained to be compatible with the exterior of the structures they adjoin. Homes and other structures may be finished in vinyl siding if approved by the ACC. In no event shall T-111 panelized type siding be permitted on any Home or other structure.

7.18 Utilities

All utilities shall be installed underground No fuel tank shall be maintained above ground unless properly screened in a manner acceptable to the ACC All Lots shall be served by public water and sewer No wells or septic systems shall be constructed or maintained on any Lot.

7.19 Antenna

No antenna, satellite dish or other similar type of exterior equipment shall be allowed on any Lot unless approved in writing by the ACC As a condition of approval the ACC may require reasonable shielding of such antenna, satellite dish or equipment from view from the street and the ground level of adjacent Lots or Common Areas In no event shall any satellite dish or similar antenna greater than one (1) meter in diameter be permitted.

7.20 Fencing

No fences or site-screening improvements shall be erected without the prior written approval of the ACC Fences may only be placed along the rear property line (except any area within a Native Growth Protection Area/Easement), along the front building line, and from the front building line to the rear Lot line (except any area within a Native Growth Protection Area/Easement, cannot exceed six (6) feet in height above the ground, under no circumstances may obstruct view from any other Lot, must be constructed of wood or other material approved by the ACC, and shall be constructed, maintained, repaired and replaced in accordance with the Common Fence Design Standards contained in attached Exhibit B. provided that the foregoing height limitation shall not apply to site screening approved by the ACC pursuant to Section 7.15 Hedges or other solid screen planting may be used as Lot line barriers subject to the same height restrictions as fences No chain-link fences shall be permitted on a Lot No fence, wall or hedge shall be permitted on a Lot any nearer to any street than a building is permitted under Section 7.7, except that nothing shall prevent the erection of a necessary retaining wall, the top of which does not extend more than three (3) feet above the finished grade at the back of said retaining wall.

7.21 Fireplace Chimneys

Fireplace chimneys must be constructed with material approved by the ACC and as otherwise required by this Declaration.

7.22 Garbage and Refuse

No garbage, refuse, rubbish, cuttings, or debris of any kind shall be deposited on or left upon any lot unless placed in an attractive container suitably located and screened from view from the street and from the ground level of adjacent lots and common areas. Such containers shall be returned to the screened location by the end of each scheduled pick-up day. All equipment for the storage or disposal of such materials shall be kept in a clean and sanitary condition. No building material of any kind shall be placed or stored on any property within the project until the lot owner is ready to commence construction, and then such materials shall be placed within the boundary lines of the lot upon which its use is intended. Garbage cans may only be placed in public view on the day of garbage pick-up. All woodpiles and storage areas must be placed so that they do not obstruct or hamper any other lot owner's view and must be suitably screened from view from the street and from the ground level of adjacent lots and common area.

7.23 Games and Play Structures

No deck, platform, dog house, playhouse or structure of a similar kind or nature shall be constructed on any part of a lot located in front of the rear line of the residence constructed thereon, and any such structure must have prior approval of the ACC.

7.24 Construction of Significant Recreation Facilities

The construction of any significant recreational facilities on any Lot including, but not limited to, such items as swimming pools and tennis, badminton or pickle ball courts shall require the approval of the ACC and shall be subject to the requirements adopted by the ACC.

7.25 Livestock and Poultry

No animals or reptiles of any kind shall be kept on the Project, except that dogs, cats, and other indoor household pets may be kept provided that they are not kept, bred, or maintained for any commercial purpose No individual Lot Owner shall keep more than two (2) dogs.

7.26 Landscaping

All cleared areas between the front building line and the street shall be fully landscaped within thirty (30) days, depending on weather conditions, of the time when Home is ready for occupancy Owner shall install or have installed fully landscaped rear and side yards within nine (9) months of occupancy unless a longer time is approved by the ACC.

7.27 Signs

No signs of any kind, nor for any uses, shall be erected, posted, painted or displayed on any Lot or Common Area whatsoever, except for public notices by political divisions of the State or County or as required by law. Any builder or the builder's agent may erect and display signs during the period the builder is building and selling property in the project only with prior approval from ACC. Any Lot Owner or the Lot Owner's agent wishing to sell that Owner's Lot may place signs one (1) "For Sale" sign on the Lot, provided such sign complies with any rules published by the ACC.

7.28 Temporary Structures

No trailer, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn or other outbuildings or any structure of a temporary character erected or placed on the Project shall at any time be used as a residence, even temporarily No building or structure shall be moved on to the Project from any land outside the Project A trailer may be placed and occupied by the designated subdivision sales agent with the prior written approval of the ACC A construction shack may be used by an Owner's construction contractor during the construction period.

7.29 Completion of Construction

All construction shall begin within eighteen (18) months of the date of closing of the sale from the Declarant for each Lot Any dwelling or structure erected or placed on any Lot shall be completed as to external appearance, including finish painting or staining, and shall be connected to sewers within eight (8) months from the date of commencement of construction, unless some longer period of time is approved in writing by the ACC.

7.30 Easements

Easements for the installation and maintenance of utilities, drainage and irrigation facilities are reserved as shown on the Plat Map and as described in Article 12 Within these easements no structure, planting or other materials shall be placed or permitted to remain which may damage or interfere with the installation and/or maintenance of such utilities, or which may change the directions of flow of water through a drainage channel in the easement, or which may obstruct or retard the flow of water through drainage channels in the easement Any easement or portion thereof located on any Lot and all improvements thereon shall be maintained continuously by the Lot Owner.

7.31 Use During Construction

Except with the approval of the ACC, no person shall reside in any structure on any Lot until such time as the improvements to be erected thereon in accordance with the plans and specifications approved by the ACC have been completed Completion shall be considered receipt of a final inspection of the dwelling unit by the King County Building Department or other applicable government official.

7.32 Excavations

Except with the permission of the ACC, or except as may be necessary in connection with the construction of any approved improvement, no excavation shall be made nor shall any dirt be removed from or added to any Lot Except with permission of ACC, no retaining wall of more than four feet (4) in height (exposed height) may be constructed on any Lot.

7.33 Nuisances

No noxious or undesirable thing or noxious or undesirable use shall be permitted or maintained upon any Lot or upon any other portion of the Project If the Board determines that a thing or use is undesirable or noxious, that determination shall be conclusive.

7.34 Clothes Lines, Other Structures

No clothes lines or other structures of a similar nature shall be visible from any street or the ground level of any adjacent Lot or Common Area.

7.35 Common Drives

Common drives, walks (if any) and paths (if any) shall be used exclusively for normal transit and no obstructions shall be placed thereon or therein except by express written consent of the Board.

7.36 Building Height

Except with the permission of the ACC, no building height shall exceed thirty five (35) feet, as measured from the lowest floor elevation of the house (either garage floor or living area floor) to the maximum point on the roof.

7.37 Storm Runoff

Each Lot Owner shall ensure that all roof down spout drains are properly cleaned and maintained, and that the Tight Line Drainage lines or Storm Infiltration System on each Lot are clean and free of any debris Due diligence shall be exercised by each Lot Owner to prevent adverse impact of storm runoff onto down stream Lots.